I have two SharePoint lists Desks and Desk Reservations. I want to get the building name in column Building in Desks where the ReservedDeskID from Desk Reservations equals DeskID in Desks. I am using this formula:

LookUp(Desks, DeskID = ThisItem.ReservedDeskID,Building)

But I get an error "Expected Text Value" all the fields are single line of text except Building which is Choice in the SharePoint list with all choices being text.

  • Where are you adding this formula? On label/input control inside Gallery control where the gallery items are pointing to "Desk Reservations" data source? Jun 19, 2021 at 12:55

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Try using this:

LookUp(Desks, DeskID = ThisItem.ReservedDeskID, Building.Value)

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