I have been trying to remove an inactive clone topology, that was created by executing

New-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology -Clone -SearchApplication $ssa -SearchTopology $current

by executing

Remove-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology -Identity <guid> 

and the outcome is the below image

enter image description here

Basically, what i was trying to achieve was to move the index component to another partition than Local Disk.

Has anyone faced any similar problems?

I am able to add a new inactive topology but i am not licensed to remove it?

It's an Sharepoint Server 13 On-Prem installment.

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Answering my own question, as it turns out, i was under the belief that the sharepoint server was at least Sharepoint Server 13- Standard edition.

Unfortunately, it was Sharepoint Foundation 13, which cannot allow you to perform such actions.

There is a detailed post here, which describes the procedure followed in order to setup the SSA, but i still haven't tried out if some of the scripts might have worked in my case.

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