I have a SharePoint Modern site that I want to clone. I want to create almost like a "staging" version of my modern site. Which will have all my lists and even the items in those lists if that's possible.

In SharePoint classic I was able to create a template option, but that doesn't seem possible anymore with Modern. I ran across this article here: http://webbrewers.com/modern-sharepoint-create-a-site-template-yes-communications-sites-too/?i=1 and when following I got an error saying page can not be found.

What is the best way to "clone"/duplicate a SharePoint modern site with all it's lists and data?

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Basically, as i understand your situation, what you are looking for is a provisioning service.

This can be achieved with PnP Provisioning engine and Site Designs. Since the above are by themselves two huge topics within the sharepoint community, i would advise you reading throught here and here .

I believe that a Site Script would do the job that you are looking to accomplish

  • Site Script can provision artifacts. The only question is can it clone a site? Can it even clone a page or a library? Nov 5, 2021 at 12:09

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