My workplace provides me with a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account.

I have a Linux computer that just sits in the corner, creating an HTML page with some simple, yet important alerts. The HTML page contains this code, to refresh it every ten seconds:

    window.setInterval('refresh()', 10000);     
    function refresh() {
        window .location.reload();
<blinking>Warning, temperature exceeds 600 kelvin!</blinking>

Meanwhile, I have another device, based on Android 2.1, and not-upgradable, that just retrieves and displays the page, refreshing every it 10 seconds. The Linux computer script will upload a new file if a change in message is needed, and then the Android device will display the new message the next time the 10-second refresh is run.

NOTE: The Android 2.1 device browser cannot be upgraded further, and it cannot log into Microsoft 365's account, so it needs to be able to read the file from SharePoint/similar storage without logging in.

Is there somewhere within Microsoft tools where I can both (1) upload a file via BASH to be stored in the Microsoft tools (e.g. SharePoint or OneDrive or similar) and (2) that is viewable without requiring a password, from the old Android device?

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You could use the Graph API to Upload the File to your OneDrive. You could then create an anonymous sharing link. This link could then be opend from your Android device. The downside of this would be that everyone that has this link can open the file

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