I created a new Content Source in the SSA for a Line of Business DB that's connected via BCS. This works perfectly and I can scope my search result queries to just this new Content Source by adding ContentSource="Apps" in a KQL query of the relevant web parts.

The problem I have is that results from this Content Source are appearing in other web parts all over our site because the default Local SharePoint Results Result Source seems to include anything in the index that's classed as a SharePoint result!

You can't edit the default Result Source, so how are you supposed to stop results from leaking in from all Content Sources, into unscoped search queries?

I've tried creating a new Result Source with -ContentSource="Apps" in it and setting it as the default, but all existing web parts will still be pointing at the standard Local SharePoint Results Result Source and updating them all isn't feasible.

Surely this isn't the standard behaviour? Have I missed some obvious setting to prevent results appearing from the default Result Source?

Thanks in advance!

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