I'd like to make text disappear when dropdown selection is not equal to "Please Select".

Using formula:

IsBlank(if(Dropdown1_1.Selected.Site <> "Please Select"))

This is giving me error.

Any suggestions?

  • Are you trying to hide the label control text based on dropdown selection? Jun 11 '21 at 7:21
  • Ganesh, that is correct
    – Jose1978
    Jun 11 '21 at 7:25

Set visible property of label control to:

Not(Dropdown1_1.Selected.Site <> "Please Select")

Update from comments:

As @RobertLindgren suggested, below should also work for you:

Dropdown1_1.Selected.Site = "Please Select"
  • Ganesh , thanks for your support.
    – Jose1978
    Jun 11 '21 at 8:44
  • Or Dropdown1_1.Selected.Site = "Please Select" I guess Jun 11 '21 at 9:18
  • @RobertLindgren Yes, that should work too! Jun 11 '21 at 9:36

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