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Form has 10 fields a user needs to complete before they can submit. 8 of the 10 form fields are unique whereas the remaining 2 are just their userID and dueDate (NOTE: userID is not the submitter's userID). In some cases a user may have 20 records to submit. When the user has one record to enter, it's not a big deal but when there are 20 records to enter, the time it takes waiting for the page to load as well as repeating the userID and dueDate is a long time to the user.

I'm looking for a more efficient way for a user to submit data such as implementing a "duplicate" button so the user only needs open the form once, enter the data for the 10 form fields, click duplicate and the row is duplicated but only the userID and the dueDate is copied from the source row, the other fields should be blank).

A user has 5 records they need to submit, all with the same userID and dueDate. The user should be able to enter the record for the first item, click a "duplicate" button. The button would duplicate the form fields (not the data, just the form field for the first 8 form fields but should include the userID and the dueDate of the last two form fields). Our form runs horizontally rather than vertically for reference so the concept of rows is accurate.

SCENARIO There are real-world scenarios in which the user may have to enter 20+ items and this duplicate button would help the users A) not have to enter every field every time, B) accuracy for userID and dueDates, and B) would save the user time not having to wait for the page to load for every record they need to submit the data.

I have zero experience with Sharepoint but I do have experience with JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, etc, and various other web development technologies which is why I was asked to assist with this endeavor.

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