I am looking to embed a SharePoint classic experience Calendar on an Modern SharePoint Page and one of the ways that I thought of is to embed the server side rendered calendar within a Modern Page.


Is there a way to open the classic experience page in FullScreen by default?

By, possibly, appending some option in the query string? I know that when the FullScreen Button is pressed, all it does is append a class called ms-fullscreenmode to the Body of the document like the one below



You can append ?IsDlg=1 to calendar URL like:



enter image description here

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    hello Ganesh, thanks for the query option. It worked and i can postpone all the work of transfering entries to an events list for the future. It would have been nice if the category could be shown also, but i have written the colour coding of the categories on a text web part that will be rendered on the side of the page. Thanks again for the tip! – jimas13 Jun 8 at 6:14
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    the only unfortunate drawback is the fact the the scroll bar is not shown, but thats a natural thing since it is destined to be shown in a modal window. If you set the iframe on the page with pixelated limits in the feight attribute it works like a charm – jimas13 Jun 8 at 6:37

To open the classic experience page in full screen by default, you could place the following JavaScript code in a Script Editor Web Part, the code snippet will cause the screen to go to focused full screen mode when the page is loaded.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.addEventListener('load',function() {
  • Emily thanks for your contribution, but since i am trying to avoid the overhead work of transfering entries onto an events list and deploying an spf react calendar just to show the dates, i try to avoid most of the scripts that might break the modern experience.| Thanks again! – jimas13 Jun 8 at 6:39

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