I have an HTML Editor web part. I want to add some resuable content to it but it is greyed out.

Note Although you also use the HTML Editor to edit content that is contained by a Content Editor Web Part, reusable content is not available for use in a Web Part.


Does this hold true for 2010? Is there any way round it?

  • I updated the answer. – Ashish Patel Feb 15 '12 at 15:14

I verified that Reusable Content is available for Content Editor Web Part also. Please ensure following:

• You have enabled publishing infrastructure or start with publishing site template.

• Ensure Reusable Content list is created at root web level

• To use it in rich text field of SharePoint site, the publishing features must be enabled at sub sites level too.

• If you are using rich text field (and not CEWP), also make sure the rich text field you have is "full HTML with Formatting and constraints of publishing"

UPDATE: I also found that it will be enabled only when you are using the field: "full HTML with Formatting and constraints of publishing" Or you insert HTML Editor web part (I assume Content Editor Web Part) inside above field while editing. So I think ultimately it boils down to the fact that it is enabled only when you are editing content of a field: "full HTML with Formatting and constraints of publishing"


Not that I know of (but I'm not on a 2010 Enterprise environment yet), the reusable HTML must be used in page layouts that have the rich text areas. You'd just need to move to such a layout and include the HTML editor web part content within that rich text area.

  • We are using publishing templates so we use the HTML Contet Editor to allow putting content in the differnt regions. – John Feb 15 '12 at 14:22

A workaround I found is to use the content editor web part text link to a simple HTML page which is uploaded to the document library. eg <head><body> [content] </body> </html>

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