I have a custom list in SP 2013 Publishing site and i created & published a new item InfoPath form to this list now i want to move this InfoPath form to SharePoint 2016 Publishing site. Here i don't want to upgrade Sp2013 Content database but only InfoPath forms I created a same custom list in SP 2016 Site also with same metadata & columns.

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There are two other ways to migrate a custom list with its InfoPath form from SharePoint Server 2013 to SharePoint Server 2016 if you don't want to use database-attach method.

Export the list to a .cmp file via Central Administration -> Backup and Restore -> Export a site or list -> Select the List and Specify the destination for the export package -> Click Start Export. enter image description here Then copy the .cmp file to your SharePoint 2016 server and run the below command on your SharePoint 2016 server.

Import-SPWeb <site collection url> -Path <the location of .cmp file>

The Fast and proper way to move a list is moving it with a third party tool like ShareGate and etc. The advantage with the third party tools is that they are very simple, and they work well.


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