When I hit the command gulp serve i am getting this error in terminal, and the gulp serve is getting terminated due to the issue.

enter image description here

Earlier this solution working fine since last 4 months. There is around 99GB space on my d rive, where this solution is located.

I tried couple of things in last few days but unable to get the resolution.

What i have understand so far is, it is somewhat related to the node js memory management.

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.


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It has nothing to do with a leak in the ts-loader. The issue comes from NodeJS 8 where they introduced really low memory cap 1.4GB per NodeJS process. The only option to get around this limitation is to start gulp server using the following command.

gulp serve --max-old-space-size=8192

This will set the appropriate Node flag to use a max of 8Gb or whatever value you pass in.


For some reson when gulp serve --max-old-space-size=8192 added as npm script flag doesnt get applied

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