I want to migrate files from local drives to SharePoint Online. Copying files with the Windows Explorer changes the file dates, which I want to keep. My goal is to create a Batch file which helps the user to migrate the files to the cloud. The process needs to be as simple as possible for the enduser.

Robocopy does a good job by mirroring a complete folder BUT I can't connect it to SharePoint.

First I stumbled upon this thread here. When trying to map or access the SharePoint directory the CMD prompt wants me to add the SharePoint to the trusted sites.

Then I found this script here BUT when I run it none of the commands is recognized nor do they work.

My current code is this:

ROBOCOPY "C:\Users\XYZ1234\OneDrive\DEMO_SharePoint" "C:\Users\XYZ1234\Company\TestSharePoint - Dokumente\Robocopy Test" /COPY:DATO /MIR

This copies the files to the synced SharePoint folder on my computer (and keeps the created date) but when they are uploaded the created date/time is equal to the copy date/time.

Now I'm stuck. Any ideas from the community?

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Unfortunately, this is undoable, as Sharepoint's files metadata is populated when it is uploaded such as the (Creator, File Created Date, and Last Modified Date).

  • When I use robocopy the Last modified date is carried over to SharePoint. :-|
    – Der_Fab
    Commented May 26, 2021 at 10:17
  • Yes, that is because "Last Modified Date" is referring to the "Last Modified Date" in Sharepoint, not on the local computer, I suggest not wasting anymore time pondering on this small issue as it will not affect anything else, if I helped, do mark my answer as the acceptable answer, thanks! Commented May 26, 2021 at 10:51

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