I have an approval workflow "when a new item is created" that works fine if the manager field (assigned to) is a people field with no option to select more approvers.

If I change it to "allow multiple selection" then the flow fails.

It creates me an apply to each section that I do not need here.

How can I put the assigned to field on the start an approval section to an array or something that accept multiple email addresses?

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To specify multiple users, use a semi-colon (;) to separate user identifies.

The AssignedTo field can accept user identities in the form of:

  • Email address (not just the primary)
  • User Principal Name (UPN)

Documentation: Approvals - Approval recipient format


Please following steps:

1.Add "When an item is created" trigger

2.Add "Initialize variable" action

  • Name: AssignedToPeople
  • Type:String

3.Add "Append to string variable" action

  • Name:AssignedToPeople
  • Value:AssignTo Email**;**

4.Add "Start and wait for an approval" action:

  • Approval type:Approve/Reject - Everyone must approve
  • Title: Send Approvel Email
  • Assigned to: AssignedToPeople (from Variables)

enter image description here

5.Save and Test this flow

enter image description here

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