I at first wanted to show a calendar list with recurring events as a web part on my SharePoint page. But when I selected the calendar, it just showed 'No upcoming events' and a default 'Title of event' and 'Month 01'. From what I understood in previous questions, recurring events are still not supported by Microsoft.

I sort of found a workaround by selecting 'This site' (instead of 'Events list on this site') and entering a category from that calendar. However, aside from just showing events from that one category, it also lists all the events from that calendar rather than upcoming events specifically.

I read that the solution is to use the Group calendar web part. But the group calendar only lets me select an O365 group, whereas my calendar is not in a group but on the main SharePoint site.

How can I show my calendar as a Group calendar web part in this case? I'm guessing I need to move it to a private group?

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As you already know:

  1. Events web part does not support recurring events
  2. The Group calendar web part only allows you to put a Microsoft 365 group calendar. So, this web part works only on Team sites.

So, you cannot show the events stored in SharePoint (calendar/events) list in Group calendar web part.

Also, there are custom (SPFx) calendar web parts developed by community members. You can check those using below links. You can download them & use as it is if they fulfil your requirements or you can enhance them as you want:

  1. Calendar Feed
  2. Calendar
  3. Modern Calendar
  • Thanks for the reply. Is there an effective way of copying/moving my calendar from the main Sharepoint site to a team site (so that I could use the group calendar web part) without recreating the calendar from scratch?
    – 21200506
    May 24, 2021 at 11:25

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