currently using Office365-REST-Python-Client to upload files into SharePoint Online instances, mainly Excel files (xlsx and xlsm). They are uploaded and downloaded just fine, but now I am noticing that uploaded the Excel files are different from the sources: When downloading that file and comparing it with original they differ:

diff original.xlsm downloaded.xlsm

Binary files original.xlsm and downloaded.xlsm differ

It is also evident that the file changed when I open it from SharePoint's Excel Online and I see I have lost some styles.

Downloaded file is not corrupt since it opens in Excel.

So is this a normal behavior for SharePoint Online? What could I do if I want to SharePoint Online to not modify the uploaded file?


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This is normal behavior due to property demotion/promotion. When an Office document is uploaded, the parser will add additional metadata to it. In SPO, the parser cannot be disabled.

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