I am creating Workflow using SharePoint designer to send the email notification if the date field (revise date) is empty.

I just cant find anything to check if the date field is empty?

Can you please help?

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You can compare the date column variable with default Empty Date Field value which is '01/01/0001'.

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As a workaround you can also create a hidden date field in SharePoint & compare other date column with this hidden empty field.

For more information check: SharePoint Designer Workflow check if date field is empty

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We recommend that you use MS Flow to implement your design.

In my testing:

1.Create new list named "Flow" and create some columns in this list

enter image description here

2.On the Flow list, click Integrate >> Power Automate to create new Flow.

enter image description here

3.MS Flow:

  • a.Add the "Recurrence" Trigger:You can customize the trigger period and frequency
  • b.Add the "Get items" Action
  • c.Add the "Condition" Action enter image description here
  • d.On the "If yes" branch. add the "Send an email(V2)" Action

4.Save and Test this flow.

enter image description here

  • thanks for your comment, however I need to do this with SharePoint designer
    – Harris
    Commented May 24, 2021 at 2:20

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