I currently cannot log into Outlook or Microsoft Teams on my macOS laptop because my work Microsoft account password has expired.

Outlook prompts me to change my password. When I enter my old and new password, I get the error:

We tried to update your password, but couldn't sync with your workplace because of a network problem. Try again in a few minutes. If it still doesn't work, contact your admin and provide the detailed error information. View details

When I visit the company's SharePoint site, I can log in with the "expired" password. When I go to change it, I get the error:

We could not change your password

We're sorry, but we cannot change your password at this time. This is due to a temporary connectivity issue, so if you try again later, changing your password may succeed.

If the issue persists, please contact your admin to change your password for you.


Why is this password change not working on my company's SharePoint?

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You have to enable self-service password reset and password writeback on Azure AD. Take a reference to the following articles to enable them:

Tutorial: Enable users to unlock their account or reset passwords using Azure Active Directory self-service password reset

Tutorial: Enable Azure Active Directory self-service password reset writeback to an on-premises environment

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