I created the following flow. It almost gets me what I want.

It updates the FMSSID that I want to the new document posted to the Library. 

However, the flow is updating the document FMSSID based on the 'ID' created by SharePoint.

My desires is to have my own 'UnqID' used to tie a List Item to a Library Document. I've already created the auto-generating field in PowerApps. The UnqID is uploaded to the List anytime a new document is created. I need that same 'UnqID' referenced in the Patch or Flow so that is also populates along side the new document posted in the Library and acts as its UnqID.

enter image description here

  • How is the document created in the Document Library? [Update file properties] will always need the Document ID (system generated) to update meta data properties of the document. In Flow, when you create a document, it returns the system generated ID, which you could use to update any other meta data of the document from within the same Flow. May 9, 2021 at 14:23
  • Take a look at the YouTube Video showing how files/attachments can be uploaded to SPO from PowerApss. May 9, 2021 at 14:37
  • Yes, I've watched that particular video several times. Everything he is doing I have done. I am able to upload and recall the document I uploaded. My issue is I inherited hundreds of files that also need to be recalled that were no added through a flow, so there is no 'relationship'. I've added a CQUnqID column for the existing files in the Library; which I use as the ID to retrieve to PowerApps. I need that same number (which I now automatically created in PowerApps) Patched/Uploaded with new document uploads. May 9, 2021 at 15:55
  • I need a condition in a PowerApps button OnSelect that does a Patch of the data to the List (including the 'CQUnqID') and intiates a Flow that uploads the associated document to the Library. All of this I can already do; once this is complete I need a second Flow to trigger on when an Item is Created in the Library (or a Patch statement) that then sends the newly created 'CQUnqID' in the List to the matching column and newly added document in the Library. May 9, 2021 at 16:00
  • So, you are passing the content of the file from PowerApps to a Flow to create a file in the document library, right? Can you pass 'CQUnqID' from PowerApps to the same Flow? May 9, 2021 at 16:02


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