trying to set up a dropdown default value. The value originates from sharepoint list entry.

tried this formula, but does not work.

LookUp('UKI_Rolling Stock list1_2', Title = "N/A")

Can any one help? Thanks a million

  • hi Jose. Does LookUp('UKI_Rolling Stock list1_2', Title = "N/A") return any values? What if you output LookUp('UKI_Rolling Stock list1_2', Title = "N/A") in a label? May 6 '21 at 15:38
  • Denis, it does not return any values. Very strange, because N/A is on my data source
    – Jose1978
    May 6 '21 at 15:58
  • Can you output UKI_Rolling Stock list1_2 to a table or a gallery as another test? It's also possible that the N/A is spelled with a space or a special character in SharePoint. May 6 '21 at 16:03
  • 1
    Dear Denis, The issue was on the delegation. 'N/A' value was on row 569. I had the delegation set to 500. Thanks a million for your advice. i did use your guidance with the table and I was bale to see values :)
    – Jose1978
    May 17 '21 at 16:25

My issue relied on the App delegation setting. "N/A" value was on row 569. Delegation setting was set at 500. hence I could not see it. Changed delegation value to 1000. I am able to see all values. Hope this helps others.



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