I am designing a SharePoint site for a team so we can share documentation with external users. I wish to add a button on the homepage for the colleagues who will upload documentation with me. Once the upload is done, a flow with power automate analyze the information and parse it in several document libraries - and this part is OK for the moment. I would just need to add this button, so I am sure the folder they upload goes to right library. I have done a lot of research on the topic, but cannot find any help - especially since I want to upload a folder and not files.


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See if the below solution meets your requirement.

  • Add an app named File Uploader by Virto from SharePoint Store to your SharePoint site. enter image description here
  • Find it in Site Contents library and click it to run the app. enter image description here
  • Cpoy the url of upcoming page. enter image description here
  • Add a Button web part on your home page, edit the web part and paste the url you copied above into Link.

enter image description here

Test on my end. enter image description here

Hope this may help.

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