I am customizing the SharePoint list form using PowerApps. I have a requirement to change the selected value of the combo box control on the click event of another button.

Actually I tried multiple ways as below to change the selected value in combo box from On click of button. but no success.

Tried ways are as below:



Please help me on this.


Try this solution:

Set the following formula to OnSelect property of button:

Set(defaultComboValue, LookUp(Choices('SP List'.ChoiceColumnName), Value="option1"))

Set the following formula to DefaultSelectedItems of combo box:

If(IsBlankOrError(defaultComboValue), Parent.Default, defaultComboValue)


  1. Change the value of a dropdown by clicking a button
  2. How To set the selected value of a combo box to one of the choices using PowerApps
  • Thanks for the reply, Actually I am already following the second link you have mentioned. The approach it mentions it actually changes the combo box selected value, which works fine. Post updating on button click if I try to save the form means I am doing SubmitForm(Form1), it is throwing error as the mentioned combo box contains invalid value. – Kailash Sahoo May 6 at 11:49

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