I am looking for a solution to warn our Internal SharePoint Online users that they are leaving our Intranet if they click on a link that is not on our Internal network.

For example, a link to google. User clicks on link, and it typically opens in a new tab. I want to latch onto this process and insert a message like "You are about to visit an external website. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information ... blah blah blah" on every link outside our organization.

I have found information for on-premise installations, but not sure how to do this in SharePoint Online. Any ideas?

I'm sure this questions exists, but for the life of me, I cannot locate it. Maybe a keywords issue on my end?

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Please refer to the feature called Safe Links which the protection is available in Email messages or Teams and office 365 apps(include SharePoint online).

More information for your reference:



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