What I wanted to do is to get the data for Power BI from web datasource. The excel data was uploaded in sharepoint online as document and then I copied link for url data source on the power BI side. It was working perfectly few days ago. But now whenever I want to retrieve data from web it always says "


web browsercontents currently supports only anonymous credentials

enter image description here

Even if I clear the global permission through File>Options and Settings>Data source Settings>Global Permission>Clear All Permission, the results is still unable to get the data from web source. What could go wrong? Any suggesiont?I have been 3 days stuck in this problem and unable to solve it until now.

Appreciate for your help. Best

  • the problem persists several days, but mysteriously solved after updating the power BI
    – afikri
    Commented May 4, 2021 at 4:08

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I think I got the solution, What I pasted once was the link with the string after .xlsx extension, it supposed to work without one. For example


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