I have made a SharePoint page with a list on it and I have set the style of the list to blocks. As you can see below.

But how can I hide the column titles?

enter image description here


Try using below settings in list view:

enter image description here

If this is not working for you then add below code to your SharePoint page using Script Editor or Content Editor web part:

function hideColumnHeaders(){
    // hide list column headers
    document.querySelector("table[summary^='TESTLIJSTPK'] tbody tr").style.display = "none";


OR replace code inside function with:

document.querySelector("table[summary^='TESTLIJSTPK'] tbody tr:first-child").style.display = "none";

Where TESTLIJSTPK is name of your list.

Output: No column headers/titles at the top

enter image description here


Go to Settings → Style → View style and edited to "No labels"

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