I am trying to get a hello world web part to work in SharePoint 2016.

I believe the SharePoint server has Feature Pack 2 installed as I see that KB4484255 (version 16.0.4966.100) shows as installed which is the February 2020 update.

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My understanding is that I need KB4092459 (version 16.0.474.1000), but that the more recent update above is a cumulative update. However, I'm not certain of that, so maybe that's where I have things wrong.

My dev environment looks like:

I chose no JavaScript framework and just used the code out of the box. The web part works in the workbench. I made no code changes after running the Yeoman generator other than updating the write-manifests.json file to have a URL to my cdnBasePath set to an Azure container URL. I also updated deploy-azure-storage.json, but that doesn't appear to be working as I manually copied the resulting dist files to the container. The dist files are:

  • 7be2dcde-e1b3-4643-804f-26a2458ca04f.manifest.json
  • hello-world.bundle.js
  • hello-world.bundle.js.map

I did a "bundle --ship" and "package-solution --ship". And uploaded the sppkg file to my SP2016 app catalog. It showed Yes for Enabled, Valid App Package, and Deployed in the app catalog.

I added the app to my test site. It took several minutes for that to complete. I tried manually running the App Installation Service timer job from Central Admin hoping it would help (I don't know if it did).

I created a test page and tried to add the web part. I looked for the web part under the "Under Development" category and it was not there. A couple of hours later I deployed a totally different hello world web part (different name and description - created via the Yeoman generator) and then this web part finally showed up in the "Under Development" category. I don't know if one triggered the other.

Upon adding the web part to the page I get an error:

***ERROR MESSAGE: ***Failed to load component "7be2dcde-e1b3-4643-804f-26a2458ca04f" (HelloWorldWebPart). Original error: ***Failed to load URL 'https://.blob.core.windows.net/helloworld-webpart/helloworld-webpart-helloworldstrings_en-us_536e65149b0acf4d52c0043073b9fc59.js' for resource 'helloWorldStrings' in component '7be2dcde-e1b3-4643-804f-26a2458ca04f' (HelloWorldWebPart). There was a network problem. This may be a problem with a HTTPS certificate. Make sure you have the right certificate.

I don't have a helloworld-webpart-helloworldstrings_en-us_536e65149b0acf4d52c0043073b9fc59.js file in my dist folder. Any idea how I should generate it or otherwise fix this issue?


I have also tried the same thing using the following for my dev environment:

I don't know if the build tools are required. I get the same error as my first environment further above looking for a strings file.

  • I think the problem is how it is trying to download the files from Azure blob storage. I made sure the container was publicly accessible, but even if I remove the 3 dist files from the Azure blob container, I get the same error. Commented Apr 30, 2021 at 15:19

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It turns out that my main problem was I needed to copy files from my temp\deploy folder to my Azure container instead of files from my dist folder.

I also used an Azure CDN as described here, but I don't know if that was necessary.

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