I created a team site that has a section for my team and a section for our business partners. These sections are comprised of several site pages and organized in an easily navigational fashion. IE. Business Partner section is made up of a 4 site pages (Type: Page Library) that are all displayed on the quick links navigation on the left. I also have a similar construct for items that should only be viewed by my team.

I want to add the business partners to the site but prevent them from seeing the finance pages and quick links.

Is this possible?

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To Restrict access on particular pages:

Use item level permissions on site pages. Check below references for more information & steps:

  1. How do I restrict access to a particular page in SharePoint?
  2. How to set permissions on one page only in site?
  3. SharePoint Groups and Page Level Permission in SharePoint 2013
  4. How to prevent team site members from editing SharePoint pages - Check Option 2 & set only Read permissions to specific set of people/groups & remove other permissions on specific page

To Restrict from seeing quick links:

If you are using SharePoint online, you can use Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part

More information at: Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online

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