I am looking at AnythingSlider and a custom content slider and was wondering if these tools allow me to display most recent content only. For a news rotator I only want to display top five news from a List and keep old news archived. Are there other similar tools that can also do the job?

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DISCLAIMER : Never tried this out, so have to check it out if this succeeds. But these are some ideas that could get you started.

You can probably achieve this, possibly in 2 different ways

  1. Since CAML query is internally used for the content slider, you might try out for <RowLimit>5</RowLimit> inside the query which should limit the results to 5.

  2. OR simply inside the custom content slider, you have referred, Add a for loop just after if(itemCount > 0). The for loop should mark the count for just 5 records and then break out, which would just result in 5 records.


Thanks for linking to my slider, I'm glad you're considering it. You can change the CAML to return whatever you need. I'd suggest utilizing the tools I mentioned to help you formulate the desired results. Particularily creating the desired View via the UI, then using the Strammit CAML viewer to look at the outputted CAML.

  • Nice article Eric. I implemented similar slider using CQWP and JQuery Cycle plug in. I wish I came across it earlier! Feb 14, 2012 at 19:30
  • Thanks, Marc Anderson did something similar with a DVWP and jQuery to achieve the same effect too, so many ways to accomplish the same thing. Feb 15, 2012 at 12:55

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