Hi Expert Sharepoint architectures,

Our IT director is inquiring about if it's possible to limit the content access based on the network access (intranet or Internet)? For example, user has full/normal access while on the intranet with upload/download/edit, but only has read access (no download/upload) while on the internet.

I can create a separate internal web application only for this, but the content will probably have to be maintained twice. He didn't specifically say the reason but I think this is designed so our sensitive information won't get uploaded to the public site by the employees.

Thank you!

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Overall, I don't recommend going this route because there are no easy ways of implementing it. And whatever option you choose - it will be extra maintenance work that could be spent doing something more useful.

But you can research the following options:

  • Create a separate web application and setup daily syncrhonization process using Sharegate. Just make sure you copy only content with no permissions. The second web application we will have read-only permissions setup.
  • Content Deployment. See article by Stefan Gosner. I am not a fan of this feature and strongly recommend avoiding it, but I put it here just because someone will mention it.
  • Protect your documents using Azure Rights Management.
  • Thank you Denis for the feedback! Let me research into the options you provided. On the high level I think I agree with you not to waste too much effort on this kind of setup when SP already provided the user-based permission access so we can catch the culprit if needed. I think the director just does not want to see anything leaked out from IT-owned system whatsoever. Much appreciated!
    – David L.
    Apr 26, 2021 at 13:43

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