I am not sure if this video is the right topic, but it is pretty close to it.

I am also building a flow, which is automatically filling the right column. The problem is, we have a check in/out system up in the libraries.

It is easy to build a flow which is checking out all files, updating the column and finally checking them all back again.

Problem: There are some files, which are already checked out by other colleges. How can I filter my "get files (properties only)" pick the right way not to touch files checked out by other people. Somehow I can't "touch" the "Checked Out To" column using filter Query: Checked Out To eq ''

Does a solution for this exist?

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You can add filter on CheckoutUserId column for your requirements.


If you want to fetch the files which are not checked out to any user then you can achieve this using below configuration:

enter image description here

Filter query:

CheckoutUserId eq null

Similarly if you want to get the files which are not checked out by other users & the files which are checked out to you, you can use filter query like below:

CheckoutUserId eq null or CheckoutUserId eq 6

Where 6 is your SharePoint user ID.

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