Could I add a custom attribute (MyCustomAttribute="true") in SchemaXML of SP.Field and create it by REST API?

<Field Type="Text" DisplayName="AwesomeField" MaxLength="255" ID="{ff9e8535-6bdb-4ab3-8d1b-212098d51f84}" SourceID="{f6064664-17fd-4c38-b71e-b6d3b66fec00}" StaticName="AwesomeField" Name="AwesomeField" MyCustomAttribute="true" />

I need some property in a field to know the field was created by me (actually my application) or not.


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Adding custom attributes is not supported there, since the schema is strictly defined.

What you could do instead is to use the Group attribute and write the name of your application there. That way you can also filter all of your fields on the standard site columns web page (/_layouts/15/mngfield.aspx).

You can find more on the Field schema here.

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