Using SharePoint online, I have created a simple site level managed metadata hierarchy. When I filter using that column, I want to select everything that is below a certain level. However, when I check the box in tree view, it does not select everything beneath it, just the level I have selected. Is there any option to select all levels below (without checking each box individually)?

So if I wanted to see all documents under OPS.30 - Weighbridge, here's what I want, just by selecting the top level;

Desired result

What I get;

Actual result

Which only returns documents actually tagged at the highest level.

This may seem trivial, but there could be 10 levels below each sub level, so that's a lot of clicking to get what I want.

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If you are in the sharepoint online modern experience, this is by design and no OOB way to meet your requirement.

As a workaround, when we return to classic experience, we could filter the metadata column by clicking include descendants option, as shown below:

enter image description here

Please refer to the similar issue:

managed metadata columns and filtering

  • Thanks Julie, disappointing we have to go back to classic, but it's an option! Commented Apr 22, 2021 at 6:40

This problem can also be addressed by the taxonomy design. Similar to your requirement, we wanted documents tagged with all child terms to be returned when a user enters a term in the text field (which BTW I highly recommend as a supplement to the tree). We achieved the desired results by always tagging the document with the parent terms of whatever terms were being used. So, if I tag the document with term A.1.2, then I will also tag the document with its parent term A.1 and also with its parent term A.

A A.1 A.1.1 A.1.2 A.2 A.3 B C

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