I have a text box in a New Form (list) on SharePoint 2013 and I am looking for it to recognize (assuming using column validation) 8 and/or 16 digits in sequence and provide a warning that this is not allowed as either a pop up or text alert below the text box.

Essentially looking to restrict account numbers from being entered into the sharepoint with other text. Example : process reversal of fee on account 12345678 - (this should initialize a warning or restriction) and allow the submitter to change to only include the last 4 digits.

Any thoughts or way of doing this?

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If you can use SharePoint Designer, and only need the validation in a form, you can use a Regular Expression in the New or Edit forms by using the Manage Rules feature.

You cannot not do this using a Calculated Column.

You can add custom JavaScript, also using Regular Expressions, to the page to validate the form field or a SharePoint list column.

The above solutions will not migrate well, or at all, to newer versions of SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

The regular expression might look like \d{8}|\d{16} The above would also match "12345678abc". You could create one to look for eight or sixteen digits with a non-digit before and after.


To restrict the field to only numbers, make it a Number fied:

enter image description here

To restrict the field to only 8 digits, specify the min and max values: enter image description here

To provide a hint for the users, use the Description field:

enter image description here

To limit the field to entering either exactly 8 or exactly 16 digits, use this validation formula:


enter image description here

To provide users with a hint in case they entered wrong data, use the "User message field" under Column validation:

enter image description here

  • Unfortunately the issue is we cannot store account numbers on our SharePoint Environments. The textbox is for the submitter to describe the request. The reason I am looking to restrict it is so the submitter cannot accidentally include full account numbers Apr 21, 2021 at 15:59

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