One of my collegaues has developed a custom timer job and our custom dll has been referenced in that timer job project and packages.

I deployed the solution and everthing was working fine until next time I tried to deploy new version of other solutions which has custom dll referenced.

We got "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" It was quite generic exception and I took a look into ULS Logs, and the problem was related to missing framework dll.

Because of this missing dll, ServiceJobDefinitions.aspx page was broken and it was saying "File not Found" also Get-SPTimerJob command on powershell was giving the same exception "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation". Moreover SPTimerV4 was totally stopped. I checked GAC_MSIL and custom dll was missing.

I guess while deploying new package it was trying to replace GAC Dlls but the timer job was throwing a exception.

We are quite in trouble now, everytime when we need to deploy new package we are retaching the custom timer job and re deploying after it.

Have you ever faced this kind of issue? Is it a known issue? How did you solve it?

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