Update, I've learned that the SharedWorkSpace object has been deprecated. Anyone have another solution that doesn't use this object?

I need to write a quick Excel VBA tool to send to our overseas partners so they can upload some big files to our SharePoint site. I used to be able to do this in older versions of SharePoint using the Office.SharedWorkSpace object, but I no longer have the code and my new attempts have failed to find the right process. I would share code, but I haven't written any yet that can even compile. I am able to create the SharedWorkSpace Object, but I can't find any members of that Object that relate to uploading. Can someone help me get started with some sample code or pointers. I'm pretty good at figuring things out once I get pointed in the right direction.

Sub UploadFileToSharePoint(stFile as string)

 Dim sws as Office.SharedWorkSpace
 sws.  ' this shows me the list of members but I can't find any that apply

End Sub

I've also searched a lot using the Object Browser. Maybe this functionality has been deprecated? Frustrated.


The SharedWorkSpace Object has been deprecated starting with Office 2010.

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