There are two domains, DomainA and DomainB in my environment. Is it possible that i can install SharePoint in DomainA and SQL server in DomainB without having the trust relationship between both domains?

The domains difference is because one of our domain is for DMZ and the other is for MZ.

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I don't think it's possible. You need to have the trust relationship between both domains.


This is technically possible, even if i absolutely cannot recommend it.

You can use SQL Server Accounts for SharePoint instead of Domain Accounts. I made a Microsoft Ticket several Years ago for SharePoint Server 2016 for this question. The answer was: Supported scenario. But no one was able to give us any guarantee if every feature will be available for this setup.

Nevertheless... I think your desired architecture is bad practice. You plan to put SharePoint to DMZ and SQL in regular network. Better approach: Place both systems in internal network and publish SharePoint with a reverse proxy. There are several available, my recommendation is a WebApplication Proxy or (cloud approach) use an Azure AD Application Proxy.

Some references:

SharePoint 2013 farm in a DMZ with ADFS/proxy

SharePoint 2013 on premise - using Azure AD Application Proxy

SharePoint Server 2013 Foundation Web/App Server two network adapters

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    The farm should reside on the internal network, not DMZ. Given SharePoint's reliance on Active Directory, you're having to open numerous ports in a back channel firewall unless you extend your domain into the DMZ (and note that SharePoint needs a writable DC). Put a [pre-auth] Reverse Proxy in the DMZ and route your traffic that way, or as you said, AAD App Proxy if you have P1 licensing.
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    Commented Apr 16, 2021 at 19:58

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