I Prepared one SharePoint 2016 Farm with Two Servers One WFE One APP In Application Server I installed & Configured Workflow Manager Farm and it created below databases 3 WF farm and 3 for Service Bus WfManagementDB WFInstanceManagementDB WFResourceManagementDB

SbGatewayDatabase SBContainer01 SBManagementDB

Now how to prepare same Workflow Manger Farm in DR I have one server in DR for Workflow Manger and we are using SQL Server Always On to sync databases between DC and DR

For DR WF farm can I do the same steps for installation Workflow Manger and Service Bus

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No, not the same steps.

If you were doing a true ‘cold standby’, then you need to install (but not configure) the SB/WF bits from Web Platform Installer.

For more information, please refer to:



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