I have a PowerQuery function o retrieve the contents of a SharePoint list.

    Source = (url as any) => 
        aSource = OData.Feed(url, null, [Implementation="2.0"]),

But sometimes the list doesn't exist, and OData REST API calls don't seem to have a nice set of HTTP type response codes. The code bombs out with a msg

OData version 3 and 4 Error The server returned an error: (404) Not found. (List 'ABC' does not exist at site ......)

But if I paste the URL into a browser, I get a XML response, with no HTTP error codes.

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Might not be the best answer, because I am not good at PowerQueries.

Perhaps, you can first filter the lists by title:

/_api/Web/Lists/?$filter=Title eq 'My List Name'

This way, if the returned array of lists contains 0 items, then your list does not exist.

If the filtered list returned 1 item - you are good to proceed to retrieve list items.

  • Yep, that is exactly what I do. but the problem is that the returned item is a "table" datatype... or the error above
    – Maxcot
    Apr 14, 2021 at 3:04

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