I have a MS Flow that updates a list in SharePoint from an Excel file that I manually upload. Whenever I upload a new file, the MS Flow stops working, see, inside the Excel file I have a table, that I pull from another system, then the file is uploaded to a site inside SharePoint. Every time I upload a new file I have to update the MS Flow to grab the "new" file, the file is always named the same as the previous one.

This is the error that shows every time I update the file:

No table was found with the name '{235AC59A-72C7-4A62-B137-00E0B394AB3E}'.
clientRequestId: xxx-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx
serviceRequestId: xxx-xx-xx-xxx-xxx

The table is named "Table 1" before the file is updated, after that, it is shown as below.

enter image description here

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How to read a table from an Excel file that is periodically recreated

You need to use the Get Tables action first. This lets you get all tables from your Excel file.

Then, you can select the first table and grab its unique 'id': enter image description here

Expression used to get unique table ID


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