I have a SP list with customized form through power apps[canvas app]. When I go to powerapps.com and preview the form [set size 1185x790(potraitxlarge)], it displays the form with perfect size. When I published the form and tried to click on the New button over the list view, it renders the customized form , but the form size is very little with right-side like a small mobile view.

One more thing I noticed is when I directly typed the list newform URL [/newform.aspx],it displays the page with only "submit" and "Cancel" button at the top and no control is getting rendered within the page.

Please help me resolving the issue.


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You can increase the size of your SharePoint list form.

  • Edit your existing SharePoint list item form with Power Apps
  • Inside Power Apps Studio, Click File > Settings
  • Change the width to match your requirements
  • Save and publish the form

enter image description here

Now you will see that your SharePoint list item form is much wider.

enter image description here

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