We migrated a folder to the a new Document Library and when trying to delete the original, I get this message. Is there anyway to override this and delete as an administrator? Do I need to force a check-in or is it because someone has a single document open. I tracked down the user in question and he says he closed everything. We even locked down permissions and set everybody to 'Read' but I still cannot delete the Folder

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Steps to solve your problem,

  1. Go to library settings
  2. In permission and management > click on Manage files which have no checked in version
  3. When you see list of checked out files
  4. Take ownership of selection > select the document for which you want to take ownership
  5. Delete it or update it, it's up to you 🙂

I didn't do this by my self > not unit tested. 😉

For more details, you can go through this below mention links.

  1. SharePoint - Unable to delete a locked or checked out document
  2. Resolving "File Checked Out Or Locked For Editing" Issue In SharePoint

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