I am on SharePoint Online environment and am trying to change page layouts of all pages with in a Publishing site. By default the page layout is basic and am trying to change all pages to use a custom layout that I built. I am able to do so manually but I want to do it using PowerShell.

I am using this code on https://www.sharepointwidgets.com/2019/02/powershell-script-to-update-page-layout.html but I get a this error,

Exception Happened on getAllPages : + Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Url' because it is an empty string.

Not really sure, why that's happening as I am passing the parameters [string]$targetSiteURL = Read-Host "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" [string]$newPageLayoutTitle = "Custom Page" [string]$oldPageLayoutTitle = "Basic Page"

Please suggest or help with me with another solution.


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SharePoint Online Modern page layouts:

  • Home Page Layout
  • Article Page Layout
  • Single Part App Page

Please run the following PnP PowerShell script:

Write-Host "Type the site collection URL:"
$siteCollectionURL = Read-Host
Write-Host "Type the page name:"
$PageName = Read-Host
Write-Host "Choose the page layout:"
Write-Host "1 - Home"
Write-Host "2 - Article"
Write-Host "3 - Single Web Part App Page"
$option = Read-Host
if($option -eq "1"){
    $option = "Home"
}elseif($option -eq "2"){
    $option = "Article"
}elseif($option -eq "3"){
    $option = "SingleWebPartAppPage"
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $siteCollectionURL  
Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity $PageName -LayoutType $option

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