Suddenly we received issues on our SharePoint 2 of SharePoint lists library with the following issue. The following error is capture from Crawl log

This item will be retried as a part of the next crawl. 
If this belongs to a SharePoint repository, all items below this will also be retried in the next crawl. 
( Item truncated. Field=docacl, Occurrences=10000, Chars=459976; Truncation of field is invalid, clearing field. Field=docacl; ; 

What I have done:

$mp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Identity body -SearchApplication (Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication)
#changed the value from 0
$mp.MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreForRetrieval = "2048000" 
#changed the value from 0
$mp.MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex = "2048000" 

And I tried couple items that error during crawl, then I clicked Recrawl this item in the next crawl. However the issue still not resolve. Please advise other solutions. Thanks

Note: I am using SharePoint 2016 On Premise

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