In SharePoint Online I sometimes want to perform searches across multiple sites in our work's SP farm. I can search across all sites, but that often gives too many responses. I want to restrict the search to a small number of sites that I mention by name, something like: target1 target 2 target 3 sitename:name1 or sitename:site2 or sitename:site3) But I keep on getting null results when I know there are files to find. The result messages don't tell me whether I've got wrong the site name or the word I use before the colon ('sitename' in the above).

Can anybody please tell me if there is a sharepoint standard noun to use before the colon to point at site name metadata?

For target site names I used the part O365-UG-nnnnnn from the URL of each site, where nnnnnn is a 6-digit number that I presume uniquely identifies the site. See below:


That worked at a place I worked previously (although I can't remember what I wrote before the colon) but it doesn't work at the place I work now, either because I'm using the wrong noun before the colon, or the wrong target after the colon.

Thank you!

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please test with the query below, it works in my end.

{searchTerms} (Path:http://site1 OR Path:http://site2 OR Path:http://site3)

It has been answered before:How to search only some specific sites using result source - SharePoint Online

  • Thank you. That works on my installation. I had to type in the full URL up to the end of the site identifier. Apr 6, 2021 at 8:27

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