How can I create a Sharepoint list from a Sharepoint list template with Power Automate?

This below is what I got so far. But how can I specify the list template?

enter image description here

  • It seems that creating a list based on list template using SharePoint REST API is not possible. Check this – Ganesh Sanap Apr 4 at 3:48

This is how you can create a SharePoint List using the "send an HTTP request to SharePoint" action:

enter image description here



HTTP Action parameters

  • Method: POST


  • content-type: application/json;odata=verbose


    "Title":"New List Title"


I missed the part of the question asking about templates. The answer is that you can't create lists from a template using REST.


It seems that creating a SharePoint list based on "custom list template" using SharePoint REST API is not possible.

In REST it is possible just to pass ListTemplateTypeKind as BaseTemplate parameter and there is no parameter for custom template name so it is not possible to create new list/library based on custom template.


  1. How to work with custom list templates via REST API
  2. Add support to create list / document library based on custom template to REST API

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