We have SP2016 Topology 2 servers for each
2 APP Servers 2 DC Servers 2 FE Servers 2 SC Servers 1 SQL Server

This Farm never have Back UP before and I would like to perform backup for the first time, My question is Can I perform Backup from CA and does it make any difference from which server or servers I need to perform the Backup and if I need to restore do I need to restore from the same server. or is it better to use PowerShell. Also do I need to backup IIS setting? what is the best practice?

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I would suggest you read over the section Overview of backup and recovery in SharePoint Server. This will provide you with the best guidance for out of the box backup and recovery solutions for Sharepoint.

It does not make a difference which server you perform the backup from, but you need to back up to a UNC share. Creating that UNC share on a separate disk on the SQL server will be the fastest possible backup you can perform (as Backup-SPFarm or backing up from Central Admin will also perform a SQL database backup).

In general, for larger farms, the best bet is to use a SQL backup tool, either the native SQL backup capabilities or a 3rd party tool. You can then script the farm creation which will provide you with a consistent rebuild mechanism. Alternatively, you can create a configuration only backup via Backup-SPFarm -ConfigurationOnly which will export the configuration of the Config database to the file system, which you can then restore to a new farm.

You do not need to backup IIS as that is taken care of by the SharePoint backup (full farm or configuration only).


I suggest you read the Plan for backup and recovery in SharePoint Server.

You can perform backup in the CA and can not perform restore on the same server. You can refer to the article.

If you have a large server farm or store too much data, it is recommended that you use SQL backup tools. More information, please read this article.


Backups levels:

  1. DB
  2. Farm By CA
  3. Webapp By CA
  4. Site collection By PowerShell
  5. VM By Hyper-V Manager
  • Online VM backups are not supported for SharePoint server farms.
    – user6024
    Apr 6, 2021 at 1:45

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