My particular instance of this problem occured such that all but two of our document library views, and all connected web part pages lost their view filters. Detailed data points below.

  • SharePoint 2007
  • Document Library based on an InfoPath 2007 form
  • Document library was in a subsite
  • 10k+ Items
  • ~50 web part pages using out of the box library view web parts referencing the views
  • All views but two were affected
    • Thinking of it now, the two not affected, were not linked to web part pages.
  • No other sites/sub sites/libraries seemed to have been affected by this 'hiccup'
  • Filtering done on the webpart page via a query filter continued to operate as expected.

I would love to know what happened, or what could cause this in other instances.


Did any fields change? Was there an update made to the form, maybe a field changed or removed. Sometimes InfoPath will add duplicate values. I would check your list settings to see if there are any duplicates of fields.

  • No fields were added or changed in the SharePoint library, and the InfoPath form was not republished/modified. The library itself had been stable for several months prior. We recovered from using a restore from backup, so unfortunately I can verify 100%, but I am reasonably sure that nothing had been changed directly with the library. – Ion2Atom Mar 26 '12 at 21:26

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