Is it possible to create a list based navigation in SharePoint Online?

In 2013 we could use code to create it, is it a possibility here?

Everything seems much more limited.


You can edit the left navigation for your lists. Just like this doc said.

And in Team site, a newly created list will have a navigation link created by default on the left navigation. Are you handling a communication site? Would you like to say a bit more about your current site and your goal?


In SharePoint online modern experience, you can use SPFx extensions to create custom navigation - Specifically Application Customizer.

You can find more information & sample codes to get started with at:

  1. SPFx Side Navigation Project for Modern Sites
  2. Navigation Bar In SPFx With Current User Greetings

I will recommend you to check SharePoint out of the box navigation options as well. Using some of the options you can easily create mega menu or cascading menu navigation.

  1. Plan and implement SharePoint site navigation
  2. Customize the navigation on your SharePoint site

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