I'm working in Sharepoint Server 2016 On Premises site. I edit the site html, css and js in Sharepoint Designer 2013. When I add custom CSS style properties like transform, webkit transform, ms transform etc., I get a hover pop saying this property is marked as invalid and not supported in current schema. I have checked the schema version and it is CSS 2.1 and HTML4. Is this the reason for not accepting the advanced properties. If it is, how can I add CSS3 and HTML5 to this site? Many Thanks in Advance!

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Yes, this is because your customization uses a CSS version that does not support transform (should be used in CSS3).

Per my test, I add following code in SharePoint server 2016 page with Script Editor web part, it works well.

enter image description here

Since HTML 5 and CSS3 is valid in the page, it will also be valid in SharePoint Designer, if this is a warning, please ignore it.

  • Thanks mam! Where and How can I change that customization settings from css 2.1 to css3 and html5 in sharepoint site or sharepoint designer?
    – Venkat Sai
    Commented Apr 19, 2021 at 3:27

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