Language: JavaScript - MSAL library Scope: GraphAPI

Is there a way to send an invitation to an external user thorough GraphAPI that will be valid only for a specific site. Currently I am using the following code that is sending the invitation:

const options = {

const client = Client.init(options);

const invitation = {
  invitedUserEmailAddress: '[email protected]',
  inviteRedirectUrl: 'https://myapp.contoso.com'

await client.api('/invitations')

Which is giving back an response as: Invitation response

The problem is that the inviteRedeemUrl is a general URL provided by the GraphAPI. So I don't see a way that I can use the same user in different project and how to invite him/her again?

Is there a way to make similar call to GraphAPI or even with CSOM that will allow me to invite a user per SharePoint site?

Any help is appreciated!

Regards, Dimitar


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