I have a .bak file of a SharePoint site. I want to restore it back. I am doing this with below code:

var targetSiteCollection = webApp.Sites;

targetSiteCollection.Restore(this._siteUrl, backupFilename, true, true);

Its working fine. But if I want to restore to a specific content DB, that option am not getting here. However its possible with PowerShell SSOM where we can just pass the content DB name. Is there any available option in C# SSOM also to do so?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Somehow I found a work around here. There is no direct way to restore the SharePoint site to a specific content database, But we can move the site to the specific database once it is restored successfully. For this we have to do this:

using (var site = new SPSite(siteUrl))
            var sitesToMove = new List<SPSite>
            site.ContentDatabase.Move(targetDb, sitesToMove, out var failedSites);

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